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How To Avoid Electrocution . 28/01/2015

How To Avoid Electrocution

List of registered Charted Electrical Engineers- 2014 07/08/2014

List of registered Charted Electrical Engineers- 2014

Now Pay Your Electricity Bill From Home ! 08/08/2014

The New 'people’s mobile Banking(#488#)' And 'People’s Internet Banking' services offered by the people’s bank allow you to pay your electricity bill from home at your convenience

Way Leave Clearance 07/05/2014

A wayleave is a right of way (ROW) over the land of another. This ROW is for carrying Electricity power line through lands. Vegetation trimming is done to maintain safe clearance from power lines. Depend upon the voltage of the conductor, safety clearance varies. Typical values are as follows.

How to Read your Energy Meter 06/05/2014

It’s important to be able to read your meter to make sure your bills are accurate. Don’t worry if your meter looks a little confusing - we’ve put together some information and pictures about how to read the different types of meters that are used to help you!

Distribution Code of Sri Lanka 06/05/2014

The Distribution Code of Sri Lanka has been formulated in terms of the provisions of Clause 18 (c) and 3.1 (c) of the Sri Lanka Electricity Act, No 20 of 2009 (SLEA 2009), which require the licensees to develop, implement and maintain technical or operational codes; the Public Utilities Commissi

CEB Statistical Digest Report-2012 27/04/2014

CEB Statistical Digest Report - 2012

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