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GIS Data Collection and Line Petrol Report

10 April 2014

It is very important to conduct line petrol before starting line maintenace work.Attachement contains  a sheet which can be used to gather data. Graphical symbols were used to increase the user friendliness when inserting field data to the line petrol sheet. In each sheet, details of 60 poles can be included. For the complete sheet refer attachement. Following data can be included in the line petrol sheet.

a) Pole type

h) No of 3P service connections

b)Pole height

i) Jumper point connections

c) Stay & Strut

j) No of binding in the line

d) Street light

k) Cracked insulators

e) Condition of the pole

l) Conductor type

f) Condition of the stay/strut

m) Line formation (1P,3P)

g) No of 1P service connections




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